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    Our committees consist of members and stakeholders joining together to complete neighborhood projects, sharing knowledge, or simply supporting each other in their area of interest. Want to get involved or learn more? Call the office, or email 


The membership committee is responsible for the retention, recruitment, and maintenance of the general body of the Hazelwood Initiative. This includes informing all members of any upcoming events, meetings, and projects organized by HI through direct mailings, in-person meetings, and social media, as well as encouraging members to participate as volunteers in these activities. The membership committee also assists in setting the agenda for HI's general membership meetings and organizing seasonal events such as Light Up Night and Safe Halloween. The committee meets every third Thursday at 10 AM at our office at 5125 Second Ave . 


This committee provides a forum for residents to inform HI's work in planning and development.. Information is shared during the committee's regular meeting on the third Thursday of each month at 6 PM. Speakers, including city officials, community-based groups, and others involved in development, often attend to hold dialogues and invite community input about their work in Hazelwood. 


This group of entrepreneurs have been meeting monthly for the past year under the facilitation of the Mansmann Foundation to support each other in creating and meeting goals as new businesses.  The mission of this group is to support the growth of small businesses in Hazelwood, and to help business owners with whatever challenges they face in doing business in our community.


This sub-committee of the HI Planning Committee is focused on supporting farms and gardens in the Hazelwood community.  Efforts have been made to identify open spaces and lots with natural water access that should be preserved in the community land use plan for green and growing spaces.  This group has also been active in conversations around Hazelwood's extensive Greenway acreage.  These conversations focus on clearing the Greenway of invasive species and creating positive access to this natural resource for community residents.  The Urban Agriculture Group meets monthly, with meetings during the growing season at neighborhood gardens and farms, and during the cold months for planning sessions around land use and seed purchases.