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HI Homebuying Guide

Helping Hazelwood Renters become Homeowners - at a price they can afford!

The best way to stake your claim in Hazelwood is to become a homeowner, then when property values rise, your home will be worth more and more. You can build wealth by owning a home! 

         Hazelwood Initiative has partnered with Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh, and the City’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to purchase Hazelwood houses that were vacant and deteriorating. HI then contracts with Rebuilding Together to renovate the houses to high standards, featuring all new wiring, HVAC (high efficiency furnaces), bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, and much more.

        Together with special first mortgages, zero percent second mortgages can make the house even more affordable. In most cases, low-to-moderate income families can buy a home and live there for under $500/month, less than most Hazelwood residents pay to rent.

        Hazelwood Initiative sees Rehab for Resale as a part of its strategy to mitigate the negative effects of gentrification that other Pittsburgh neighborhoods are experiencing. Investing NOW in Hazelwood’s existing residents will allow them to build wealth as revitalization continues. HI has already completed a number of these houses and more are underway. If you want to explore what is involved in owning your own house, call our Director of Real Estate, Dave Brewton at (412) 295-4787.


5012 Glewnwood

Be a part of the upcoming housing boom and buy a newly renovated house for less than you would pay for rent! Featuring 5012 Glenwood Ave. This huge 4 bedroom 1800 sqft house is in the middle of a revitalized block and therefore is close to many other newly renovated homes that we are working on or have already sold, and features plenty of outdoor space between the private back yard and the covered front porch. Get in early and pick your finishes! 

5013 Gertrude Street

In walking distance to Hazelwood’s business district and bus stops, 5013 Gertrude also has many wonderful features that you will love! Other than the updated electrical, plumbing, HVAC, kitchen, and new finishes, this house has a really cool, enormous 2nd story, partially enclosed front porch! Invite your friends and family over for a nice evening and enjoy the privacy and shelter of this desirable space, or just kick back and relax. As you can see, this house also features a 1 car garage which will be useable and will look wonderful once it’s ready for you! Like all our houses, it comes with a 6 month work guarantee on top of any insurances or warranties that you may purchase on your own. 


 Current Hazelwood renters are encouraged to apply! Households earning 80% or less of Pittsburgh's area median income are eligible. You must have enough income to afford the mortgage payments, good (or repairable) credit, and the savings to pay for a down payment and required closing costs. We can explain the details in person, so if you're not sure, give us a call. 


When you buy a home through Hazelwood Initiative, we can provide the following types of assistance:

1. Free (required) credit counseling to get your score where it needs to be

2. Referrals to supportive local banks who can provide fair mortgage rates and closing cost assistance grants

3. Referrals to zero percent second mortgages that can reduce your payments by $200 to $300 a month.